Birdsfoot Trefoil

Botanical Name:Lotos conrniculatus
Common Name:Bird Foot || Birdfoot Deervetch
Type: Herbaceous Perennial long lived
Zone: 3 – 9
Height: 12 – 24: || 6 = 24″
Bloom Time: June – August
Bloom Color: Yellow
Bloom Description:
Sun: Full Sun
Water: Drought tolerant (tap Root
Seeds: One-inch long brown seed pods are produced in clusters, resembling a bird’s foot.
Seeding Method: Plant no deeper than 0.5 inches (1 cm) or broadcast and follow with a cultipacker and roller.
Flowers: Yellow pea-like flowers occur typically in flat-topped clusters of 3 -12, 0.5″ long flowers which are sometimes tinged with red. Blooms most of the summer.
Leaves: Three clover-like leaflets on a short stem with two additional leaflets at the base of the stem. || Upper leaves resemble a 3-leaf clover but the leaves are usually more elongated and pointed at the tip (see lower left corner of above photo). There are 2 smaller leaves at the stalk base that may not be not readily visible.
Deer resistant:


Noteworthy Characteristics.

Problems: Invasive?

Garden Uses:

Source: Eden 9/12/12