Garden Trowels

When I inherited the estate, I also came into possession of a myriad of tools of varying usefulness and among them was a set of trowels. Thinking that they were old and needed replacement, I set out to find new ones.

I quickly found out how expensive and useless the market showed me. $15 for a trowel? When I explored the ones on the shelf, I found that some had loose handles already and they had never been used. I tool a second look at my mother’s inventory.

What I found were narrow ones, wide ones, long ones, short ones and one totally made out of one piece of wire. Another one with a loose handle just like the one in the shop. It showed only signs of very light use (-: and others that now looked far more promising for use than I had seen of them before. Still, as I am apt to leave them in forgettable places and figured that one cannot have enough of them. I co9ntinued my search. Every garden store seemed to have the exact same collection that I even started looking at garage sales. One vendor claimed that ‘No respectable gardeners sells their tools”.

One day, we were out plant hunting and I was in a garden show way out in Litchfield. Stuck back in a corner, slightly covered in dust, was a box of markdown trowels. They were made of a lightweight plastic and did not look worthy: Hence their location and price. I purchased one. After all, how can someone go wrong with a 50c purchase. Once I had the chance to use it, I discovered it to be of such superior quality and ease of use that when I was out there the next week, I purchased all they had left. Unfortunately, there were only three of them there.

To date, they are the only ones I use most of the rest are a waiting for a tag sale. The best part these new ones are light weight. Yes, a bunch of ounces can make a difference. Since then I have never seen any others until I went to Ocean State Job Lots. There I found them, 50c again and purchased almost a dozen at once.

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