Hose Reels

Be aware of the hose reel that comes as a pull cart. I made the mistake of buying one. As soon as I was reeling the hose onto it, I realized that not only did the wheels allow the reel to move with each turn of the winding handle but the whole thing became top heavy with the hose fully wound. This was made even worse when the hose was full of water. My only resolution was to remove the wheels, rack, and handle and to design a wall mount to attach it to the house. I made a garden cart from the spare parts (-:

A few l years later, i was given another one. Now I had parts to spare and put them in them garage attic

Similarly: I once picked up a hose reel from the side of the road as someone was disposing of it. It was made of plastic and had a spiral gear to guide the hose for an even wind. I could see where the break was and figured I could fix it. Nope. It was not reparable even with my keen sense of design, rework and cellar full of gadgets to do so.

Just stick to all metal and forget the pull-around “feature”.

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