Garden Hose

When was the last time you were out watering your garden on a hot summer day and took a drink from the cool water coming from the hose? What would you say if I told you that in the fine print from the tag that was on the hose when you purchased it specifically states “DO NOT DRINK FROM THIS HOSE?”. If it specifically did not state that, most likely it did say something like: Not fit for Drink water, Illegal to sell in California and/or Wash your hands after handling this product. You get the picture. For the most part, you should NOT EVEN LET YOUR PETS DRINK WATER FROM YOUR GARDEN HOSE.

Check this out yourself. Go to any store (OceanState, Lowes, Agway, or any garden center) and read theĀ  label on any garden hose. You will find statements as mentioned above The overwhelming number of hoses are NOT DRINK WATER SAFE. The warnings are usually in very small print. They are made with toxic chemicals in order to maintain good color, strength, flexibility, sun-damage resistance, and durability.

Years ago, I discovered and purchased two hoses from Home Depot that were in fact “Drink Water Safe”. They worked out for almost two years. That is when the inner liner collapsed and water pressure made its way between the hose and the liner. This caused further collapse of the inner liner which now prevented any water from passing through the hose. The water then began blistering out the outer surface. Both hoses failed the same year and I spent about two years looking for any acceptable replacement. HomeDepot people claimed that they had never heard of “Drink Water Safe” hoses and no one was aware that people should not drink water from that hose.

Lowe’s does carry one that fits the ticket but it is only a 3/8 diameter hose and not the 5/8 hose that is best for gardening needs. The more I searched, the more people I found were not aware of the poisons that transfer from the hose to the water.

I finally landed on the Agway web site and started communications with someone at their “Contact Us” option. I was finally satisfied when they finally found one that was acceptable. I had to travel 80 miles (round trip) to a store that stocked the hoses. When I tried the hose, it kinked so much that it was useless. I drove another 80 miles to return them. Fortunately, I kept the receipt.

Last year, I finally discovered one that I did a key-word search for “Drink Water Safe” and came up with the web site:
for their general web site and specifically:
for the ad about the hose itself.

I have used this hose for over a year now and it seems to be highly reliable. Granted, there is no way I can test it for lead, carcinogens or other harmful chemicals, but I am extremely happy with it. As I am finding out, any hose will kink with enough twists in it but this hose does not “remember” that it has been kinked as other hoses seem to do. When it does, a simple flex of the hose will open the kink.

I purchased two of the 5/8 hose for which I was looking. (75′ hose @ 57.99 and 100′ hose @ 72.47)


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