Gardening Calendar

Wethersfield CT
Lattitude: 42.51, Longitude 72.41
Zone 5, 35

3/11 – – GDD = 17.8 Set seeds for

Cosmos, Scarlet Sage:, Carnations, Baby Blue Eyes, Carousel Primrose, Wigela, Penstemon, Siberian Wall Flower, Cerrvil, Cimcifuga, Wolf Berry (Gogi) , Alpine Strawberry,

3/12 – – GDD = 19.7 Tray seeded:

Tomatoes, many perennials. Plum trees buds show color

3/18 – – GDD = 43.7 Planted Seeds:

Corn, tomatoes, herb garden Peoney tree buds Herb garden contains:

Arugula. Italian Parsley, Creeping Thyme, Sweet Basil, Common Chive, Coriander (Cilanro), Fennel, Curly Parsley, Garlic Chive, and dill.
Perennial Herbs: Thyme, Rosemary, Sage.

3/19 – – GDD = 49.7 Star Magnolia & Forsythia starting to open. Azalea full open.

Planted Bell & Pizza Peppers, Red Yarrow and Eggplant in seed starters. Garden planted: Summer Squash by seed and this year they will be grown on a cage.

Sorry for the lack up updates. I am working on a different method of presenting this data. I have my work in an Excel spread sheet and hope to make that readable from the web site without letting the data be altered by users.

I have been comparing GDD for this year with last year and it has been consistently warmer this year. However, I recently imported 2010 GDDs and see that the GDDs in 2010 were almost exactly the same as this year. I am trying to get information back further years to see what the trend might be.

I get my GDD information from the DregreeDays.Net web site. This location has been extremely reliable and easy to use.
GDD/Day Calculator.

Add your garden observations below that I might add them to the log.