15 Inventions that have nothing to do with gardening.
Do you know of anyone that can help me get these ideas to market?

  • Soda Sipper. Drink Coca Cola, et alia, all you want but get, and be satisfied with, very small amounts of soda/calories. Enjoy all you want but get only 1 oz of soda at a time


  • Remote Controller. A revolutionary different way to channel surf. Never watch a stupid programming or obnoxious commercials again. Viewers will look forward to sending reports of what they watch and what say about commercials. The networks may not like this but the commercial producers will and so will those from the Nilson Rating organizations.


  • 2 Snow Blower attachments. Makes clearing snow by machine easier.


  • Snow Blower Pin Replacer. Tool to help when replacing sheered pins


  • Cooking Splatter screen. Yep, they are out there but mine improve where they fail in two very significant ways.


  • 2 Lawn Mower attachments. Too difficult to describe without giving my ideas away.


  • Cough Suppressant. Cure the problem of messy coughing into your hand or into your elbow.


  • Water use reduction faucet. Similar to the low-flow commode, all lift
    handle taps can conserve water. Easy upgrade. I realized this when repairing my own kitchen tap.


  • Kitchen Stove Vent attachment. Too difficult to describe without giving my ideas away.


  • MRI comforter. A method to help make undergoing an MRI to be much more tolerant.


  • Refrigerator attachment. Too difficult to describe without giving my ideas away.


  • The Ideal Restaurant. Low cost, perfect portion size, high speed drive through, Very low number of employees. In the spirit of how mom designed dinners.


  • Ideal Pie Crust Rolling Pin. Take the guess work out of rolling pastry dough.


  • Motion Detectors. New application for motion detectors causing significant reduction of energy use.