UpsideDown Planter: As seen on TV!

Stop, DO NOT purchase one of these unless you have a lot of time to keep it watered! Do not even give one as a gift!

It even says on the label to “…water it at least once a day”. This is no understatement. Consider the capacity of the soil in the tube to hold onto water. Not only is there scarcely 2 cu ft of storage but the pouch has holes for the plants to hang out. . I found that on a hot summer day, I had to water it 2 – 3 times a day.

Ideally, it should be soaked in a tub of water to get the most water into it. The problem here is trying to lift it back onto its hook. This could take at least two people to accomplish this.

Watering from the top causes soil to wash out through these holes. To remedy this, I installed a clear plastic column in the center to help get water to the roots. The only way I could get plants to live in this was to set up a 5 gallon water bottle above the planter and have a continuous drip. The problem is that roots need time to dry in order to prevent rotting. One would have to set up some type of timer to allow for water and no water.

Forget tomatoes, all I planted were strawberries and they do not require as much water.

For very good reasons, they even use 1/8″ steel cables to support the weight. It can hold 2 1/2 gallons of soil and as much water can weigh quite a bit. One gallon of water weights 8.34 lbs. and 2 1/2 gal = almost 21 lbs. Add in as much weight in soil,… In order to hang it, you sincerely need a very strong hook and be sure that the hook is attached to a very strong post or tree limb. This ain’t going to hang on no simply plant hook…

Another problem that follows is that it has plants need sunlight. Trees are shady and any hook from your house or garage has to extend out about a foot or more in order to get any sunlight or rain. For this wil should look into cantilevered beams (-: Ask your architect neighbor..

Being the inventor, I tried several methods throughout the summer to conquer these problems. I failed. I believe that what we see on television is a fake. I believe that NO AVERAGE PERSON could possibly make these work and I challenge anyone to prove me wrong. Save your $11.95 plus shipping and handling…

Wait a minute,… I left the planter on the patio all winter and I see that weeds seem to grow well in it.