17300 Migranes cured?

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I had ten years of them, all with the classic symptoms.  A migraine is not a severe headach as many claim.

  • Shooting Stars.
  • Patchy vision.
  • Blind spots.
  • Sensitivity to light.
  • I just want to sleep it off…

You know the rest.

The whole secret is a pinch of salt under the tongue as soon as you sense any symptoms that could lead to a full fledged migraine.

My father learned that if he had salted peanuts when he felt a head ache coming on.  He never expressed distress for pain so I never knew the extent that he had migraines but the cure for him seemed to have worked for me.

I kept McDonald’s packet of salt everywhere so that I could have it ready on a moment’s earning. Packets in my college books, in my wallet, taped to the dash board, next to my bed, and never out of my reach.

As I said, as soon as I sensed the slightest symptom, I placed a pinch of salt under my tongue and lat it dissolve.  It seemed to avert the headache but one day, I realized that I had not had one in over 3 months

20 years later, I have not had another one.

Cure? Coincidence? I don’t know however, I have not heard back from anyone to whom I had discussed this so I have no ides if it actually works.

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