How to Unzip a VB project…-

This process presumes that you have followed the directions in “How to create a VB project” and “How to pass in a VB Project” and you are looking at a file that contains your *.SLN file, the supporting files folder, and any other files you have transported.

1) Create a new folder.
2) Double-click on the zipped folder to show its contents
2) Drag the files  in to the new folder.
3) The files in the new folder are unzipped and the contents of the sipped file are still intact

BE ABSOLUTELY AWARE: Think of a zipped folder to be in a clear box. You can look into a zipped folder and see the contents but you cannot run the files or open the documents. It is like seeing a DVD in its packaging as you cannot play it unless you open the case.  The files are still compressed within the zipped folder. If you double-click or try to open your *.SLN file or project, you will get DOZENS OF ERRORS and the program WILL NOT RUN!

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