-Writing Policy

Assistance with writing

I have standards of which need to be followed if your work is going to be graded.
Here they are:

  1. Missing, or double spaced, title block.
  2. Missing space, or too many spaces, between paragraphs.
  3. Fewer than the required 3 5-sentence paragraphs between the introduction and conclusion.
  4. Use of any personal comments such as “I like..”, I will..”, “My parents…”.
  5. Improper file title.
  6. Grammar, spelling, or syntax errors earmarked by Microsoft. (They are right there in front of you, address them!) If you find fault with something marked by MS, place a foot note that you saw it there.
  7. Unreasonably long paragraphs.
  8. Over use of the same word in a sentence, paragraph or document.
  9. Us of Txtspk! It wil B dletd.
  10. Documents that are double spaced.

As for #8, It should be obvious that there is something wrong with a 5 sentence paragraph containing the word “communication” (or internet, or e-mail) 6 times. There should not be as many in the entire document and even that can be overboard. In a paragraph, use the word once and find other ways to say what you want.

The font is to be Trebuchet MS font, 10-point

A good indication that a new paragraph is needed is when you change concepts or ideas.

Considering the changes in technology, it may have an influence in how you submit your work. Phones, pads, laptops or full scale systems all have changes in appearance. These, however do not permit any changes in what I expect for submissions.

Dnt Us Txtspk! It wil B dletd.

Students generally find clever loopholes in my directions, although I welcome them, these conditions may be updated accordingly but your loop holed will not hold anyway.


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