How to Pass in a VB project.-

This can be very challenging and it is easy to totally mess it up. However, all students learn how to do it and it can be done with a minimal amount of effort if you understand why it needs to be done this way.

Visual BASIC programming is based on a significant number of supporting files that have nothing to do with you. However, in order for me to see your work, they have to be there with your project. The good part here is that VB placed them all in a single folder that is now named “AuxiliaryFiles”. Therefore you have to be sure that that folder is included with your assignment. In order for you to move your project to another computer, you have to compress this folder with the other files you wish to hand in and move it as a single packet.

When you send me your a visual BASIC work, you are to pass in ONE COMPRESSED FOLDER as a single attachment. Anything you want to add in this attachment HAS TO BE IN THAT FOLDER.

Set up the folder to be submitted by following the instructions in the file titled “How to create a VB project Auxiliary Files.” and “How to start a VB Project form the Auxiliary File Folder”. Then send it in as follows:

1) Right-click on the final folder that contains your .SLN file, your Grade.DOC file, the folder of supporting files and any other files that you wish to submit.


2) Right-Click and select the COMPRESS option.

2) If the instructions are to send me this as an attachment to an E-MAIL message, right-click on the zipped (compressed) file and select SEND TO option. Address the e-mail message accordingly.

3) If you are sending it into Moodle, go to the assignment and browse to the location of the zipped file.

If for any reason this doesn’t work, be absolutely sure to send me a note as soon as you have a problem.

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