Check in and register in the PPI Forum . This is where you can post questions, get and give answers for your projects . Participation is required and graded. You MUST use your My.CCSU.EDU account as it is the ONLY domain that will be accepted.

The first required exercise on the forum is for everyone to register and leave an introductory note.

If the use of a forum is new to you, explore it for a while, then send me an e-mail message and I will assist. Everyone should log in before the third class period.

After you log in and validate your account, click on the option for your course.
Once there, click on “Introduce your self”.
Click on “Reply” and enter a message.

NE msg w/txtspk wil b deltd.
Do not type in only one paragraph.

You can tailor the Subject if you like.
When done, click on “Preview” at the bottom. You will see your message above the edit screen textbox. Reread your message: look for spelling errors and grammatics. Make any changes you like in the text box and hit preview again to see your fixes. Hit “Post” when you are content with your message.

I hope this works for you the first time…
Read/comment other’s posts.
Be sure to log out.