-Getting Help… >>>-

Office Hours” for me, as such, do not exist since I have no office (-: However, I will be available after every class in MS314 until the last student leaves or midnight which ever comes first. If you want extra help before class, you have to let me know first. I can be there up to an hour before class, maybe other times if you are really in need but this is by appointment only. The location of after class office hours may change so be sure to check with me in class.

In many cases, I can be on campus by appointment. In the event that an appointment is made, you are to first:

1) Send me your question by e-mail first. Spell out what you cannot do or what you want to do.
2) Make an appointment with the student assistant in MS314 and see if it can be resolved there first.
3) You are to send me an e-mail message telling telling me what time you will be there both on first request AND on the date of the meeting.
4) MS314 is the best location to meet.
5) I will not be a happy programmer if you do not show up…

Computer Science Tutoring Schedule MS314 has students available to assist your with our project and are a great source for new ideas for your project. Check the schedule posted on the door of MS314 for times available and to find when and who will be there. Here it would really help if you can identify your question before you go in.

General Help: You can get help from anyone you want. Other students, other teachers, students from other classes, using a forum in this web site or on the internet, any book, etc, etc. However, if someone is assisting you in solving a problem, BE ABSOLUTELY SURE that you are the one working the keyboard!  You are to be the one entering the code. There is a lot of truth to Kinesthetic learning.  By working muscles, you brain retains far more than if someone else enters the information.

When you copy code, it is far better to paste it into a word document and to enter the code, by hand, yourself through the keyboard. Copy & paste works, but you probably will not know or remember what it does. Be absolutely sure to know enough about you code as you are required to comment every line of code you enter. If you don’t know, ask.

To avoid plagiarism, Comment your sources with the code that is not original.

You MUST understand, and know how to work, any code that is included in your program. I reserve the right to ask you what it does, and what happens if I change it, and to have you make it do something else.

There is a Student Assistant scheduled to be in MS208 that can help you with anything you want, well, relative to programming that is. Be sure to sign in on the book in that room.

Technical Assistance:

Contact ITCCSU IT Help Desk
Phone: (860)832-1720
Email: TechSupport@ccsu.edu

Hours of Operation:
Monday – Thursday 8am – 8pm
Friday 8am – 5pm

For help with your personal computer go to: http://www.ccsu.edu/page.cfm?p=6203