Short Syllabus

The Homework is simple: For the first six weeks of the course, cover each of the first six chapters. Homework is due at 9am of the Monday following its assignation.
Homework Specifics

The Worksheet is an exercise to help you understand the chapter. It is available in Moodle. It looks like a multiple-guess quiz with benefits. They are also due at 9am on the Monday following its assignation.
Worksheet Specifics

Question of the Week is a thought provoking question which leads into research.
Question Specifics

The Classwork is not so simple.

  • Get to class in time to be logged in before the start of class.
  • Send in the password.
  • Do the Question of the day if one is assigned.
  • The lecture is a “Now Do This” demonstration.
  • Hand in the classwork within 5 minutes of the end of class.

Classwork Specifics

Course structure: Moodle shows a week-by-week layout of all assignments, worksheets, Questions, and exams but the overall picture may not be so easy to understand.
Course Structure specifics