-Chapter 7-


  • 7.1 Creating And Accessing Arrays
  • 7.2 Using LINQ with Arrays*
  • 7.3 Arrays of Structures*
  • 7.4 Two-Dimensional Arrays*

  • 7.1 Creating And Accessing Arrays

    Declaring an Array Variable
    The Load Event Procedures
    The GetUpperBound Method
    ReDim Statement
    Using an Array as a Frequency Table
    Assignment Statement for Arrays
    User-Defined Array-Valued Functions

    7.2 Using LINQ with Arrays

    Ordered Arrays
    Using Part of an Array
    Merging Two Ordered Arrays
    Passing Arrays to Procedures

    7.3 Arrays of Structures

    Control Arrays
    Displaying and Comparing Structure Values.

    7.4 Two-Dimensional Arrays

    * Optional