-Chapter 5-

General Procedures

  • 5.1 Function Procedures
  • 5.2 Sub Procedures, Part I
  • 5.3 Sub Procedures, Part II
  • 5.4 Modular Design*

  • 5.1 Function Procedures

    User-Defined Functions having several parameters
    User-defined Functions having no Parameters.
    User-Defined Boolean Valued Functions
    Comparing Function Procedures wit Sub Procedures
    Named Constants

    5.2 Sub Procedures Part 1

    Variables & Expressions as Arguments
    Sub Procedure Calling
    Other Sun Procedures

    5.3 Sub Procedures, Part II

    Passing a Value
    Passing By Reference
    Lifetime and Scope of a Variable

    5.4 Modular Design

    TopDown Design
    Structured Programming
    Advantages of Structured Programming
    Object-Oriented Programming
    A relevant quote

    * Optional