-Chapter 3-

Variables, Input, and Output

  • 3.1 Numbers
  • 3.2 Strings
  • 3.3 Input and Output

  • 3.1 Numbers

    Arithmetic Operations
    Incrementing the Value of a variable
    Built in Functions Math.int, Math.Round
    Integer Data type
    Multiple Declarations
    Three types of errors
    Error List Window

    3.2 Strings

    Variables & Strings
    Option Explicit Option Strict
    Auto Correction
    String Properties and Methods: Length Property, ToUpper, To Lower, Trim, IndexOf, Substring Methods
    Empty String,
    Initial Value of a string
    Widening and Narrowing
    Internal Documentation
    Line-Continuation Character
    Scope of Variables

    3.3 Input and Output

    Formatting a string with Format Functions
    Formatting Output with Zones
    Reading Data from Files
    Using Masked text box for Input