CS110 Course Description and Objectives

Course Description for CS110: This course focuses on the use of programming techniques to solve problems encountered in areas of life sciences, Physical Science, Engineering, education, mathematics, and social science but best of all, you get to create games and projects that make sense. Topics include programming techniques, problem solving, diagnostics, trouble shooting, using HTML and Web Sites/Pages.

Course Objectives: This course applies the use of HTML programming language to find solutions for a variety of practical applications and uses both structured programming techniques and object oriented programming.

To that end, the course will help you understand:

  • the generic principals of programming languages as applied to common solutions.
  • how to identify the role of the programmer in developing appropriate procedures, functions, and processes to solve common user-defined problems.
  • and be able to define algorithms, as applied to common situations.
  • and see how to develop graphic user interfaces(GUIs) for basic types of programs.
  • basic data structures, functions, and sub routines.
  • how to apply the basics of programming languages to demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of the concepts presented.

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