Visual BASIC Term Project Requirements

Be sure to submit your gloat page and include your name and e-mail address. Keep it updated with dates and activity. I will grade your project according to this page. Without this, or updated entries, you will not receive the credit for which you deserve for your work.

To reach a D- you need to include:

To reach the C-, all previous requirements plus:

  • .

To reach the B-, all previous requirements plus:

  • All features are to be directly related to your project not just an examples of such.

To reach the A, all previous requirements plus:

  • Make me sit back and say “wow”.

If you do not have all of the elements from the previous level working then you will not receive higher level points. Specify, in your gloat sheet, the approximate line number that you use for each element.

Do not figure that doing many repeats of the same action will improve your grade. A link to one form and back is the same as links to many forms and back. However, this does not mean to stop at two forms and do the minimum. Just don’t work on 20 forms thinking that it will make any difference.


Note the progression of available points. They increase until “Project Update D” then decrease weekly. This means that if you start your project late then you will lose points. If you hand in the project only on the final due date than you will receive less that 100 points for all of your efforts.

You can gain hundreds of points for a good project. This means that if you have a D after the Mid Term, you can actually achieve a B for the course with an excellent project. If you have an A at midterm then you have to keep up your effort and turn a great project just to maintain that A.