Visual BASIC project

This is an opportunity for you to generate your own VB program and demonstrate your talents in coding. Although the content is to be original, you may use structures found in the homework and in class work. From the homework, you will easily be able to pick up ideas and structure from the rest of the chapters in the book.

There are basic rules for a successful hand in of your project. The content of your project will be graded separately from this list and violations of this list will probably prevent your project from being graded at all.

  • Hand in your project for the weeks assigned in Moodle. Do not wait until the last week to hand it you will be losing points.
  • Your project has to be properly titles. “WindowsApplication” will NEVER be acceptable.
  • Include the Gloat Sheet.
  • Include the requirements page:
    1. Go to the requirements page,
    2. hold down the key and tap the “A” key to select all,
    3. hold down the < CTRL> key and tap the “C” key to copy the document.
    4. Open a new MS Word Document and title it with your ID and the word requirements.
    5. Hold down the < CTRL> key and tap the “V” key to paste the requirements.
    6. Use MS Word Strike out to show which requirement you have accomplished.
    7. Zip your project properly.
  • Submit your work several times before the due date. After every edit session is best.
  • Last but most important of all: Be absolutely sure you do not send in just the SLN file. It is useless without the program folder.

    Forget any of these rules and you will lose most, if not all, points for your project no matter how good the content is.