How to create a new VB Project:

Open the VB program.

Click on New Project.

If it is not already highlighted, select VB/Windows Forms Application.
Change the Name (at the bottom of the screen) to the appropriate name for our project. This will be the only time you can name it or rename it.

The format is to be an underscore followed by up to the first six letters of your My.CCSU.EDU e-mail address, followed by a short name of the project and then the present date. For example the first project for this course for me will be “_Ambros-TicTac-11-18-15”. This is the ONLY format that will be graded.

Choose the location in which to save your work. If you do not, it is highly possible that you will lose your work.

Be sure that the “Create directory for solution box is checked.
Be sure that the “Add to source control” IS NOT checked.

Click on OK and the program will be saved to the location you specified.

In the upper right of the screen, click and rename Form1.vb to Main.vb
In the properties menu, change the “name” property to an appropriate name for this project. In this case, I am using “frmTicTac”.

Click on the upper right X to close the window and save your work.
Go to the location in which you saved the program to find the “Outer” folder. In the future, this is the folder you will ZIP to send in your work.

OPen the outer folder and here you should find two objects, the inner folder and the Solution (.sln) file. There may be a second file v.11 also. There will never be a reason to go into the inner folder but it is absolutely necessary to run your program.

If you want to include anything with your project such as pictures, audio files, your Code and Gloat sheets, etc, this is where you are to place them. They will be under the inner folder. NEVER place anything in the inner folder.

Double click on the .sln file just below the inner folder and the project will open.

If not restart this process and create it again. It is best to know that it was not created properly before you do a lot of work which will become wasted.

Click to close that useless security notice.

You are now looking at a basic project ready to be populates with fascinating VB code and objects.