Verify your submission


There are several ways to mess up a submission into Moodle to be graded. Think of it as that there are several ways to submit a physical project for another course.

When you submit a term paper in another course, for example, if you leave out any of the requited features such as binding, a table of contents, a title page, a glossary or index, citations. If any of these are required and are not included then you cannot justify sending them in after the due date has passed. It is the same with submitting software projects.

In my course, your project may not be graded if you submit a corrupted file or fail to

  • name all files properly.
  • submit all necessary files.
  • submit your work on time.
  • organize your files.
  • submit a collections of files in ONE properly zipped folder.

It is your responsibility to check your submission to see that it is viable.
To do this:

  • Submit your file.
  • Go to another computer
  • Log into Moodle and download your file.
  • Open it and verify your work.

If it fails, fix it. There is NO recovery if your project is not up to par by the due time date. This reinforces my advice that you submit early and often.