If you are concerned about your grades, then be so throughout the course. Becoming concerned during the last two months of the course will be a waste of time. There will be no discussion of a grade for a project, exam or an estimated grade any later than two weeks after it has been posted. Anything submitted late is late and will not be evaluated.

It is necessary to understand that grades and point values are not percentage based. You are not being evaluated as an individual rather as a group. This is how the real world works and this is no longer high school. When I evaluate projects, I compare all of them in one session and base the points according to how you compare with everyone else.

I have to see all of the work at once and this is the main reason I do not accept late work. This goes for your forgetting to submit, you submitting into an incorrect location, submitting the wrong assignment, submitting a partial assignment.

  • To achieve a “C” in the course” As of week three, it really helps to hand in every homework project, do each worksheet, submit every class work assignment, turn in a term project and take both term exams For the most part it doesn’t matter what grades you get on most of these but you do have to title all files and folders to the standard.

  • To achieve a “B” in this course, perform the requirements for the “C” but now add your own touches to everything, perform the worksheets multiple times regardless of the score, utilize the worksheets listed near the end of the Moodle list. Hand in the majority of assignments.

  • To Achieve an “A” in this course, perform to “B” standards and add significant flourishes to all projects, experiment with new code, and in effect, impress me.

If (after 8/1/16) you submit your work into an incorrect Moodle entry, you lose 25%.

If (after 8/1/16) you do not have the proper title or folder set up, you lose all points for that assignment unless you contact me and tell me what was wrong and then you get 50% of the earned points.

However, these two “recoveries” will not apply and there will be no points available if you have an average grade of B or better because the loss of points will not affect your grade all that much and I feel that you should have the responsibility to follow the directions.

Believe it or not, sooner or later, I just might (and I mean might) actually make a mistake. Yes, It is possible. In the rare event that you feel that I did not grade your work properly, please bring it to my attention within two weeks of the assignment due date or two weeks before the end of the course which ever comes first. Either I will justify my evaluation or will make an adjustment in your grade.

The only grade information that will entered into the school academic record for this course is that of the Mid-Term and Term-Final grades as single letter grade entries. All grades posted in the Moodle Electronic Grade book are for the sole purpose of establishing the academic grade and Moodle information will be deleted two years after the end of the course. For example, you receive a D- on a project, no one will ever know except you and me. Even your parents have to have permission from you to know your grades.

The points for assignments are indicated at the end of each line in Moodle. It reflects the points you get for doing average work. Average means doing exactly what is assigned, exactly what is in the book, and effectively as little as possible. If something is not working in a project and it is time to hand it in, you need to make comments about what is not working, what it is supposed to do and the location of said error(s). If you do not, then I have to presume that you did not know that it was not working and I cannot give partial credit.

Points of Excellence are issued and are not announced. When you see that you have earned more points than the assignment indicates, then I recognize that you added something above and beyond the assignment. You can look ahead in the book, you can ask other students you can get help from the tutors, other books, on the internet, you name it. The only thing I ask is that you understand what you are adding and I reserve the right to ask you what it does.

In order to be graded, all work is to be handed in through the Moodle Site: and all grades will be posted in Moodle. Title all files and folders to the standard. You must use your My.CCSU.EDU e-mail account in order to participate.* NEVER submit a project by e-mail as any attachment will be automatically stripped from the message for security purposes. In other words, I will never see it.

The conversion from numeric to letter grades for your transcript is based on a curve of the standard for the class. Various rules apply that can cause automatic loss of points. Check “Course Work / Project Reminders” for further information.

Assignment points grades are not based on the 100% scale to which you may be accustomed. It is possible to receive 78 points for “A” quality work and in another case, 248 points will be awarded for “A” quality work.

You may expect the following groups to constitute the percentage shown to represent final grade:

  • 20% Both the MidTerm and Final Exams combined,
  • 25% Homework and On-Line Assessments,
  • 25% Class Work assignments,
  • 30% Projects.

Letter grades are there only for your benefit of knowing your quality of that specific project. Letter grades DO NOT necessarily accumulate to a final grade, only the points earned will.

The points available per assignment for the work at beginning of the course pale by the number of points the other assignments are worth at the end of the course. Consider early projects as mole hills while projects later in the course are mountains. How many of one are counted to equal the other? In other words, getting an A at the beginning of the course could have less effect on your grade than a C- at the end of the course. The value of the work is totally different. You are expected to perform better at the end of the course than in the beginning.

Be sure to remember, if you target your effort to achieve a B for example, one slip up or missed due date may net you an unrecoverable C.

Before you question my approach to grading, listen to this WNPR interview. [Audio:] It is an interview of Dr Sally Reis who is on the BOE of UConn’s Neag School of Education and was broadcast earlier this year on John Dankowksi’s “Where We Live” radio program. If you want you can click to hear the entire interview or go to my Links page under Audio Visual.

Resubmit your work: Before the due date, I allow/encourage you to submit your masterpieces early and often for evaluation allowing you to repair/enhance your work for a better grade. No further submissions will be allowed after the due time/date. Unless otherwise indicated, comments on resubmissions will not be made within 2 days of the due time/date or 7 days from the last day of class. If you submit early, you should send me an e-mail message requesting my attention otherwise, I will not know it is there.

Whining for grade improvement does not work.  I cannot tell you how many times I have heard “But I tried so hard, I really did,…” All I can say is “Get over it!”.  This thinking went out when you left Middle School. Imagine that someone you know went in for heart surgery and the doctor messes up the operation.  Are you going to accept this and pay the tab because “The doctor really tried”? No one ever earned a pay check just for trying.

If your GPA is important to you, then it is so throughout the course, not just at the end.

Click here for the Official CCSU School Policy on Grade-Point Calculation. and scroll down to Grades and Grading Policies” then click on “Grade-Point Calculation”.

You can also appeal for a grade change . In short, the process is to see me first. Failing that you can go to the head of the department in MS303. Finally see the registrar. If you have not done step 1 and 2 here, they will send you back to so do.

*BE AWARE: The IT staff at CCSU will not be able to help you with MOODLE problems. I have heard that they will not even admit that it exists. Send me your questions and I will get the answer for you as quickly as I can.

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