-A List ‘o Links…-

Links to web sites will be added as they are found.

1) Here are some Color Codes that you can use in your projects.

2) Select from Color Chart

3) RGB to HEX conversion. This is a good converter but use this link only if you can tolerate idiot “adult based” advertising.

4) These Kids are Different,from VB-2010?

5) Here is a new twist on how to learn almost any topic The Kahn Academy is an on-line free set of tutorial videos that can explain or supplement almost any course.

This is a growing on-line academy that started off as a simple tutorial for a single student and has grown to employing 20 programmers and educators who build short video lessons. It now has the millions of dollars of backing from world educational organizations.

6) Here is some HTML Code for those so inclined…

7) Access your M Drive from home CCSU Directions

8) Download the program files as directed in the for the book.

9) Here is the code and program for my LISTBOX Exploratory and Code

10) Feel free to check out my Read/write to and from a file program. As it, it only works on my home system where I have a “G” drive. To make this work on your system, you will have to edit the code to reflect your computer set up.

11) Use Visual BASIC in Excel! .


13) And on the silly side here is the: Invisible Horse Dance

14) Here is a real neat FREE software setup to learn now to develop you own apps