Excuses in Programming-

“I entered it EXACTLY the way it is in the instructions.”
“If you cannot find the error, then how can should I”
“The code doesn’t work.”

Chances are the you have never encountered a situation the requires such exacting precision. You have to remember, the computer is stupid but not ignorant. It knows nothing but follows your directions with unforgiving precision. It follows laws that, if violates, will get lost no matter how simple the error may be and you cannot change those laws.

Every experienced programmer can tell you stories on how it took hours of effort only to cure a problem by installing a missing symbol or correcting a spelling error.

The most difficult error to find is one that you made. After giving it a good effort to correct, you best should let someone else look at it. Unfortunately, oft times, when you outsource error detection, you risk having it found within seconds. It is the standard….