The first few projects.-

a) At first, I walk you through a game (TicTacToe) with a now-click-here approach. This shows you how “stupid a computer is but it remembers and repeats everything exactly including errors”. You will see how to reduce an idea to basic (forgive the pun) steps to make the computer do what you want it to do. Indirectly you get exposure to flow charts and pseudocode while seeing something you develop yourself and seeing how the VB program works, how to create/program objects, see data structures and use of sub routines. I use there terminology as if you have heard it for years or have programmed in another language already. I call it my “Harry Potter Book” approach. Use words you probably don’t know and you will see how they are used to know meanings by osmosis. This will probably take 4 class periods.

b) On the 2nd project, I give you the code on a new project (Color Generator) with parts missing that you can use copy/paste to complete and fill in with simple modification of code already presented. Here you will realize how to modify code, use variables, and the structures of VB methods. When this is done, you can use the program to manipulate slide bars to choose a color and to see the RBG code for use when you want to have a specific color for use in another program a program. (Unfortunately there are now web sites with this already built and I have to develop a different program for the discovery experience.) I may dedicate up to 2 class periods for this project.

c) In the 3rd program, I give you the directions (Morph-Motion) where you take readings from the computer screen and record data to enter as object setting. I give then the code, which is minimal, as a screen shot. Without the benefit of copy/paste, you have to enter it key-press by key-press and see how to make your own corrections from errors you might/will make from working code. This is entirely homework. This is due two weeks after it is assigned.