-Don’t Stay Stuck

Do something, even if it is wrong but do something.

I recall taking a Statistics final exam when I was in college. It was based on one equation. I blanked out and spent 45 minutes just staring at a blank paper. Students started handing in their finished work. My paper was still blank.

Finally I handed it is and the instructor stopped me and asked “What is this?” I admitted that I could not recall how to do the problem. He boldly asked “Why did you not speak up earlier?” All he had to so was start the first two symbols of the equation and I finished the exam in 15 minutes and netted a B for my work.

The point is Don’t stay stuck.
As I said, do something even if it is wrong but do something. If you are coding, make a change, add some flourish even if it is meaningless, fix the indentation, add comments. The point is to do something and not stay stuck.

If you don’t ask, you won’t know.
You might find someone that just won’t help but then again…

You won’t know unless you ask.