-Comments in Grades

Generally, on the day a project is due, I run a notification of the status of what has been submitted. As a result, Moodle automatically generates e-mail notices of my action as if your work has actually been graded. Grading is not the case as it is only a reminder. There are several slogans I use that are placed as a comment associated with your grade for said project.

  • “Not Yet Submitted” indicates that I have sifted through the assignments just before they are due and entered this as a reminder that you may not have sent in the project. At this point, you may have a 0 entered as a grade. You should check to see the status of your work as it related to Moodle. If you did submit the work then you should contact me. If you do nothing then this becomes the grade for the project and the remark will become “Not Submitted”.
  • “TBG” To Be Graded suggests that I see that you have sent in your work but it has not yet been evaluated. At this point, you should check to see that what you have submitted as the latest and greatest effort. You still have time to update if you want but be sure to not resubmit after the due date/time as it will be graded as late. If you do nothing then this will be evaluated as is for your grade. You might receive one point as a place holder. A proper grade will follow. If the 1 point lingers long after the project is due, you should send me an e-mail note that includes the line number of said assignment.
  • Contact Me usually means that something is wrong and you may not be losing credit. It may only be a simple correction or explanation
  • Other comments may be issued.
  • 3/2/15