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Validate your Wed page! All languages in programming have strict standards to promote compatibility across platforms and HTML is no exception.

Although you can write code that will work on your computer, it may not work on other computers, on other browsers, or on other devices. For the most part, and for the purpose of this course, it may not make all that much difference whether or not your code is compliant however, if you cannot figure out why your code is not working, bringing it up to standard can cure the problem.

Go to HTTP://validator.w3.org web site. Click on “Validate by File Update”. Browse to the file you wish to validate. Press “Check”. From there, the site can to do different screens that I cannot list what to do next. Explore, Ask questions in the forum, scream and yell at the computer….

It is highly possible that you will get cascading error alerts. These are ones that get triggered of a previous one. A missing close of a tag, for example, will cause more false readings.

Cure the first one and others may disappear when you refresh the screen. So, don’t be taken back if you have 200 errors. You don’t even have to fix all of the reported “problems” so it does make for a good diagnostic tool because it can point out the simple fixes.