Course Information-

According to the catalog: “Introduction to Internet Programming and Applications Skill Area II Examination of physical infrastructure of local and wide area networks, internet protocol implementation, world-wide web interface programming, interactive Java applet, and Visual Basic web programming.”

This course will start in two dimensions and then converge into one.
Homework and Classwork, then Web design development.

You will quickly notice what is different is that the book is fully covered as homework and will not be covered in class. For those that do the home work then to cover it again in class would be totally boring. For those that don’t do the homework then you might question why you are here at CCSU. The book is divided up such that two segments are scheduled each week and are both due at 9:00 am on the following Monday. Since there is no tolerance for late work, you should familiarize yourself with my hand in policy.

The in-class part, and first half of the course, will be my instructing you on how to do HTML web pages. We will code various instruments that demonstrate how HTML works. At first these classes will be slow and confusing but as your programing skills it will pick up and be much more rewarding.

As I present each instrument, it is highly possible that you may fall behind the other students. Fear not. I am very confident that as you persist in making each one work, you will find the next one much easier to do. . There is no expectation that you will know any of this before-hand but after each class you will have an understanding of each topic.
One thing that is not done is any hand holding to help you fix your mistakes. To some small extent, I will address questions in class but not all as there is simply not enough time. If you get it in class, or even if you don’t, the instrument will be posted in Moodle after the classwork has been covered.

If you fall behind in class then settle back and watch what is being done and include as much code as you can even if it doesn’t work. It will be your responsibility to review the posted instrument before the next class and repair any errors to get it to work. Classwork is to be handed in as schedules working or not.

Homework is homework It is divided into two sections a week with associated work sheet questions and are announced in Moodle. These assignments are to be handed in through Moodle and are due at 9:00 on the following Monday. Since there is no tolerance for late work, be sure to familiarize yourself with my hand in procedures.
There is no restriction to working ahead and handing in work early.

The homework covers the first five chapters of the book. By the time that you get to the fourth chapter, you will have enough structure from the book, and from class, to be working on you term project. Chapter 4 is an excellent place to start building your Web site. IT will show you how to link four pages to one with a common CSS file.

All projects are to be made publicly visible in your WWW folder and are to be handed into Moodle as Zipped folders. You only need to publicize your term project and will do so by posting your URL into the forum.

Grading is different too. So are the in class activities. Even my attendance taking is different.

If this is not what you want, then you might look into taking the course from another instructor as we all have our own techniques for teaching this course.

At Midterm, the course will switch over to an applied activity of the HTML language. You are to save your work in your WWW folder and enter the URL into the Forum. From here, the entire class, along with friends and family, will be able to see your work. Within the forum, you should check out each other’s program and place comments into the Forum. You can make suggestions to improve. You can ask how something was done. You can encourage others to develop a project. Most of all, you should complement for work well done. Your comments are evaluated and recorded towards your course grade.

The Term Project will be a web design of your own although you can start with any program developed in class and/or as homework. It is expected that you will make significant changes and add code from the book, from other programs, from other students, from classwork, and from your own discovery by your own research on the Internet.

The project is expected to be a minimum of five pages and will follow the requirements spelled out in the resource section of Moodle.

Hand in all work early and often.