-What excuses can I use?

There are many:

  1. My dog deleted it from my computer.
  2. I didn’t know it was due.
  3. I sent it in before the due time but it must have been a delay in getting it to Moodle.
  4. I was sick.
  5. My mother was sick.
  6. My dog was sick.
  7. My computer failed.
  8. Macintosh doesn’t talk to Moodle.
  9. Moodle Rejected it.
  10. I have a lot of assignments to do.
  11. I didn’t understand the assignment.
  12. There was a power failure or the internet was down.
  13. Moodle failed
  14. Someone died.
  15. It got deleted.
  16. HA! I found a loophole!

None of which will work.
Got a new one I can add?

Be aware, it is not impossible to override my policy of intolerance. Gather your notes and see the department head and present your case. I will help you with the process if you want.

BTW: If you feel that Moodle “did you wrong” then send me a message immediately. If you claim, for example, that you had difficulty getting Moodle to accept your project and kept trying until after the due date/time, then it is late. You should have contacted me on the first sign of problem. I can check the Moodle Log to see what might have happened. This allows me to help you understand what you have have done wrong or that I may see if Moodle needs a correction as there are many switched in the electronic grade book and I may not have them set correctly.