-Why can’t I submit an assignment?

“I signed in with my username and password but I cannot submit an assignment or take a quiz and the system tells me that I am not enrolled. What is wrong?”

A) Easy: You may not be enrolled or you may not be signed in. (-: Check to see that you name is at the upper right of the screen. Send me a note immediately if you have problems and DO NOT wait until class time to solve it. You will be wasting time and will have to compete with other students for my attention.


B) If you created a new password, Moodle sent you an e-mail message. When you clicked on the URL in the message, you verified your e-mail address and then Moodle sent you a second e-mail message. This one had another URL on which you were to click to have you enter the Enrollment Key. The enrollment key was sent to you by me in another e-mail message.

If you did not follow through on that second e-mail message you are not enrolled.


C) The deadline for the assignment has passed. Late work is not accepted. Although Moodle may be set to let you send in late work, it will not earn a grade.

Even 30 seconds is late. You have days, if not weeks, to hand in an assignment. As soon as you have a first draft, you should hand it in. Then as you work on it, hand in updates. At least this way you have a copy in, even if it is not your greatest, should something prevent you from handing in the final version on the date it is due.


D) Some other reason, contact me immediately.