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To participate in this course, you need to sign up in Moodle .

Moodle, an electronic grade book, provides the homework assignments, assessments, files for the course, test dates, and a view to your grade as it accumulates over the semester. If you have previously signed into Moodle here at CCSU for another course then you do not have to create a new account. Use that same log on and sign in to the course. Be sure to register in Moodle before the first day of class. Contact me at AmbrosiniS@ccsu.edu ASAP if you have any problems. Do not wait until class time to ask questions.

To log in if you already have a Moodle account from another course:

  • Go to http://moodle.ccsu.edu/moodle/, enter your username and password.
  • Scroll down to the appropriate semester and click on course subject for your course (Computer Science, Math,etc) and for the proper semester.
  • You will be asked for the Enrollment key. Use one that I sent by e-mail. Let me know if there are any problems.
  • To “Create New Account”

    • Enter a Username. No Pseudonyms allowed.
    • Enter a password. Hit Unmask to see what you are entering. It would be nice if all password entry points had this option. *It must contain at least 1 uppercase letter, one lower, a number, a symbol and be 8 characters or longer.
    • Enter your MY.CCSU.EDU e-mail address. No other Eddress will work.
    • All other information must be entered and valid.
    • You will be prompted for the Enrollment Key. It was sent by e-mail. Enter it as one word, no quotes and it is case sensitive. If you do not have it, send me a note immediately. Do not waste time waiting for class time. Send me a note immediately.

    If you have already created your account and do not have your password, use the password recovery function. You will receive an e-mail message to validate your attempt to enroll.

    • Click in that message to receive a temporary password.
    • You will receive another e-mail message containing said temp password.
    • Click on that and change to your own password. Remember: Your password must contain an uppercase letter, a lower case letter, a number, a symbol, and at least 8 characters.

    Checkout the list of assignments to get to know what to expect.
    Click GRADES in the pull down menu at the upper right of the web page. This is a list of all the assignments you will have for the semester. As I evaluate your work, the grades will show up there.

    Please report errors, inconsistencies, confusion, or things the just don’t look right. The policies prevail over Moodle.

    BE AWARE: Some automated Moodle messages will be addressed as being from “Thomas Burkholder”. He has nothing to do with the specific message you received or this course. He is just the main person who sets up the whole Moodle shebang. His name is tagged on as a default. Don’t let this throw you.

    WARNING: Do not upload a picture of your self here in Moodle or, in my opinion, anywhere on the internet. This will be discussed in class.

    The class assignments are listed and you are encouraged to work as far ahead as you like. It will make the course much easier to follow and working ahead will free up time, and brain cells, at the end of the semester for requirements in other courses.

    Moodle E-Mail is disabled. It will tell you that you are locked out. Everyone is locked out. Don’t take it personally. The PPI E-mail account is the only e-mail service for this course. Simply take the address of this web site and change the URL from SGA. to SGA@ to make it an E-Mail address. (How cool is that?)

    If you have any problems, contact me at my ProfessorsPlace (PPI) e-mail address below. DO NOT waste time and wait until class because you will be competing with other students for my attention. Please let me know if these directions need to be reworked.

    CAUTION !! There is no such thing as passing in work late. If you lose access to Moodle at any time throughout the term and you have to pass something in late, you pay the penalty unless no one has access and there are conditions on that. This goes for anything including Exams, a Quiz, classwork, homework, projects,… anything.

    Nvr use txtspk as it wil b deltd AUTOMATICALLY!

    One last note about Moodle: If there is a timing or date error allowing you to pass in your work late then it will not be evaluated because your work is late.


    *BE AWARE: The IT staff at CCSU will not be able to help you with MOODLE problems. I have heard that they will not even admit that it exists. Send me line number to which your questions pertain along with your question and I will get the answer for you as quickly as I can.

    My e-mail account is: AmbrosiniS@CCSU.edu and is the only eddress you can use for the course.


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