When you work on your project, submit it to the appropriate section of Moodle. Continue to work on it and resubmit. If my schedule permits, I might evaluate your work and send it back with recommendations for improvements. You can improve the odds that I will evaluate your work if you send me a note asking for it.There will be no evaluations made within 48 hours of the dead line.

Be Aware: Any late submission will lose 1 full letter grade of value per day regardless of weather, emergency, earthquake, or any other reason. You have the opportunity to send in prototypes into Moodle ahead of time. DO SO! This way, no matter what happens, you have at least a recent version submitted should your situation change. This is especially useful if you miss the deadline by 1 minute.

There is absolutely no reason not to work ahead of the schedule and you don’t have to wait to view the videos. Work as far and as fast as you like. This will open up time later in the course that you may want to use for other courses. As far as I am concerned, there is no reason you could not have this entire project done in the first month of the semester. This actually applies to all assignments in the course.