The object is to watch each video and design a document that reflects aspects of each video. The length of each of the four segments is to be at least contain 2 paragraphs containing 5-7 sentences each. Unless you have an exceptional approach, you should not submit more than 8 sentences/paragraph. Too many sentences may indicate that you don’t know what you are talking about and/or are just rambling.

For the benefit of the length of the course you may choose 2 of the four videos to continue he development of this project. For a research paper, of course you would not have this limit.

Although content is graded, the task here is to explore MS Word to see how to apply the mechanics of the software instead. This document reflects my policy for any writing for my courses. It is written as if you were doing the Videos for “Download” but also applies for any document handed in for grading. If you are not writing for the video Project, then you can ignore at which is a direct refers to that project.

You can choose almost any aspect of the videos as long as it directly pertains to the video. Be careful to not flex the rules so far as to, for example, write a paper about the flowers on Lombard Street in San Francisco because San Francisco was mentioned in the video.

Forbidden Phrases. Your document is NOT to contain any of the following:

  • Any form of personal opinion: “I liked this because..”, “The section I liked was…”.
  • Direct references to the clip: “In the movie is a situation where…” , “The author says…”, Don’t even mention the title of the video unless you are citing a specific passage. This type of reference will not count to your paragraph total.
  • Direct quotes from the clips unless they are properly indented. They will not count to your paragraph total.
  • A citation from any source is limited to one sentence unless the entire citation is underlined. Excessive citations may cause your work to be rejected.
  • Watch for the duplicate use of almost any word. Although this is especially so for any paragraph, many times, you should avoid reusing words throughout the document when ever possible. Multiple uses of a word or phrase deteriorates the quality of your work. For example, if you are writing about the videos and discussing Microsoft, use the name of the company once then find other ways to refer to it.

    Specifically: If you are saying “Microsoft did this…” and Microsoft did that…, and “then Microsoft finally…” You might say “Microsoft did this…” and “then they did that…” and “the result was…”. If you are stuck trying to avoid these problems, then go ahead and write your document then go back to rework it to the rules.

  • Other forbidden styles may be added as they are discovered in papers. Saying “It wasn’t in the list.” will not be a valid excuse.
  • You can start writing your paper with the forbidden comments if it helps get you get going but you have to remove/reword them before submitting the document.

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