Term Paper Philosophy-

Be concerned about this entry IFF a term paper is assigned.

My aim is to help you learn how to write a high quality paper through a focus on learning a technique without having to do the research. Eventually, when you write a paper for another course or a profession, you will know one of many other methods to do so and can then concentrate on the research and content instead of structure. The resources provided in this course are the four 45 minute videos found under the “Audio/Video|Download” option in this web site.

Be creative in your endeavor but do not look for loopholes to “catch me”. I reserve the right to prevent clever work-around tricks. Think of it this way: Imagine that you are working for a magazine. Your boss has every right to change the requirements at any time but also has a product to publish. The same goes here: You are to honor the spirit of the assignment but I will either be flexible to accept your justified diversions or will restrict them if I feel they need to be.

You can choose almost any aspect of the video as long as it directly pertains to it. Avoid getting too far from the intent. Please do not try to justify a paper, for example, about the flowers on Lombard Street in San Francisco because San Francisco was mentioned in the video.

Remember, Your destiny here is to learn how to improve your technique in the mechanics of writing a paper, not just hand one in. It is also an exercise in MS Word and not a research paper. The abundance of information or a large the number of paragraphs will not net a higher grade. As a matter of fact, too many sentences or paragraphs tends to show a lack of focus or run on and disorganized thought.