Create a Shortcut to the VB Dumpsite-

This is a shortcut to help you find your work if you let VB save it by default. After these 10 steps, you will have an icon on your desktop that will allow you to go to the location where VB will save/saved your work if you let it. You can cut/paste the folder to your M drive and prevent possible deletion/corruption of your file.

1) Open a new VB session.
2) Accept all default as you will not actually be saving this session.
3) Click on FILE|Save Form As
4) Highlight/Copy the URL shown at the top of the screen. This is the default path to where your work is being saved.
5) Exit VB without saving anything.
6) Right-Click on the desktop.
7) Select New|Shortcut
8) Paste the URL int eh test box and hit Next.
9) Give the short cut a name such as VB Dump Site.
10) Click on Finish.

You can change the icon if you like but it is not necessary.