The book itself…-

A book is required but for this course but you do not have to bring it to class.

The book for the course is

  • Microsoft Office 2010 (Brief)
  • Shelly|Vermaatc
  • ISBN:9781439078426
There are five classes for this course, each are full at 22 students each and this is the same book that was used last semester. Therefore, it might fare you well to check the book store as soon as you can to claim a used, therefore cheaper, book. You can look on-line for books at different prices too.

Another option is to use the book that was required for the previous course. ISBN 9781418843267.

It has different projects and the page numbers may be different but the content is the same. You may use this one but you also accept any consequences such as receiving the wrong book, the book arrives late, pages are missing, or any other reason you are late in handing in your assignments. All due dates are due dates and no late work is accepted. .

There are E-Books available but students report that they are not very easy to use even though they are considerably cheaper.

BE AWARE: This choice of book is available ONLY for my courses. It is not an option held throughout the department. Other instructors may require the book as offered by the bookstore.

CCSU BookStore book resource
Gangnam Style, Bangkok They don’t quite have but it is a good video just the same.