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Although values may change, the course is weighted roughly as follows:

  • 440 Quiz Total (weekly and Self Study)
  • 1726p Homework
  • 2163p Classwork
  • 1345p Term Paper
  • 578p Exams
  • (around) 6021p can be earned for “A” quality work
  • In long: this is itemized accordingly and values may change:

    Class Work roughly 2163 points

  • 168p for 4 OF class work projects worth 42p each.
  • 168p for 4 WD class work projects worth 42p each.
  • 486p for 6 PP class work projects worth 78p each.
  • 486p for 6 EX class work projects worth 78p each.
  • 855p for 9 AC class work projects worth 95p each.

  • Homework roughly 1726 points

  • 137p for the first part of the WP Project.
  • 137p for final version of the WP project.
  • 189p for the first part of the PP Project.
  • 189p for final version of the PP project.
  • 248p for the first part of the EX Project.
  • 248p for final version of the EX project.
  • 289p for the first part of the AC Project.
  • 289p for final version of the AC project.

  • Term Paper 1345 points each. Choice of topics and length may change:

  • 92p:First Submission of Browser Wars.
  • 177: Second Submission of Browser Wars.
  • 92p: First Submission of Search.
  • 177p:Second Submission of Search.
  • 92p: First Submission of People Power.
  • 177p: Second Submission of People Power
  • 269p FULL Submission of Bubble
  • 269 points Final submission of the Download Video paper

  • Quiz Theory:

  • You can do any quiz as often as you like up until its due date. The highest value for any quiz will be the one used for grading. There is a quiz for each of the five parts of the course: Computer, Office, Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Access.
  • The quiz may show you whether or not you have answered the question correctly. In most cases, when you complete the quiz you will see your score and it will be placed in your record of grades automatically.
  • The quiz has an interesting quirk however, this may have been repaired. Sometimes, then you click on “Check” it will go to the next question without showing the result of the check. Also, it also does not register that you have answered the question. To fix this, click on the white numbered square in the block of squares in the upper left of the screen and click “Check” again. The quiz should behave properly for that question. If you are the first to send me an e-mail message explicitly telling me (copy/paste) which question it is, you will receive 10 points.
  • Again, take the quiz as often as you like.
  • Be aware, the Self Study Assessments at the end of Moodle also add to your grade and they can be run any time during the course.

  • Exams 578 points

  • 289p for the Mid Term Exam.
  • 289p for the Final Exam

  • For “A” quality work you can earn up to:

  • (around) 6021 maximum points available for the course.
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