-Questioning your major?

This is more common than you think. It could be you. It could be someone you know.
Some students reach their senior year and still have not decided on a major.
(Then again, there is the professional student…)

Check out the CCSU Center for Advising and Career Exploration (aka CACE)

It may be a bit awkward to check it out. After all, you might be thinking: “I am taking courses but I have no idea why I am here, How bizarre is that?” Don’t let that stop you.

First year students have it the most rough. For the last year you were in high schools where you, and your classmates, were at the top of the heap. Now you are at the bottom again. (Such is life…)

Sometimes you might even question if you are “college material”. Whether you believe you are or are not, make the best of it because you just may be well qualified to get a degree and might be talking yourself out of it. Besides, you paid good money to be here. Make the best of it.

In the peculiarity that you, or someone you know, might not really work out in college, talk it up before you let it get to you. Maybe it is too soon for you. Maybe the college is not a good fit at this time in your life. Maybe you are here by pressures of your family.

Maybe all it takes in a good conversation to figure it all out.

Ask around.
Join a campus club or two.
Participate with campus activities.
You will find others that might have the same anxiety.
I am sure that any instructor will be willing to help.


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