Course Information-

You may need to figure out why you signed up for this course because, most likely, I am not going to teach it they way you might want.

  • If you figured this would be an easy popcorn course you have another think coming. After all, students in the K12 system are learning all about Office in as early as the 4th grade and most of you already know enough about that you don’t need this course.
  • If this is a required course, then fasten your seat belts, folks, this is going to be a bumpy ride.
  • If you genuinely want to know more about Office than most others then you are in the right course and it will prove to be quite rewarding.

One thing you will notice that is different is that the book is fully covered as homework and will not be covered in class. For those that do the home work then it would be totally boring. For those that don’t do the homework then you might question why you are here at CCSU. The book is divided up such that two segments are scheduled each week and are both due at 9:00 am on the following Monday. Since there is no tolerance for late work then you should familiarize yourself with my hand in policy.

The first half of the course, and consequentially the Mid Term Exam, will cover Access and Word. In class we will discuss the theory of DataBases and what is new for 2013 in Word. (BTW, the book does not cover either of these to any extent.) The second half of the course will cover some PowerPoint but mostly Excel.

In all of these four phases, we will explore the use of Visual BASIC programming in Office. This will open a fascinating avenue for you to add features into your projects, in labs for other courses, for our own personal use of Office, and in the real world.

It will also give you an introduction to programming and, in the event that you tune into it, may give you interest enough to follow through with other programming courses.

Grading is different. Daily activity is different. Even my attendance taking is different.
If this is not what you want, then you might look into taking the course from another instructor as we all have our own techniques for teaching it.