The course is divided up into 4 sections: Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Access. Each section is divided into two parts. We will cover only the first part in each section. There are three lab projects shown at the end of each part.

Choose any one of the three lab projects.

  • If you choose Lab 1 you can earn up to a “C”.
  • If you choose Lab 2, you can earn up to a “B”.
  • If you choose Lab 3, you can earn up to an “A”.
  • Each project has its own value in points and is to be submitted in two parts. Check the Course Information/Points Accumulation section for the value of the projects. Two due dates for each project are shown in Moodle. Generally, the assignment to start a project is in the second week of the section. In the third, you are to pass in a partial presentation for grading and earn up to the points indicated. Technically it should be at least half way done. The final submission, due roughly in the fourth week of the section, will net up to 256 additional points.

    Late projects will lose 1 letter grade per day late.

    You can submit projects between due dates for my evaluation. A resubmitted project is to include a list of changes or it will not be considered.

  • Do exactly what is in the book and receive a C and up to 50% of the points available.
  • Go beyond the book and add some flourish and receive a B and up to 75% of the points available.
  • Go to the internet, get outside assistance, read beyond the chapter work to demonstrate new discoveries and you can receive an A and up to 100% of the points available.

  • I strongly advise you to hand in projects as you work on them. You can send me an e-mail message if you want me to evaluate it but early hand ins will prevent significant loss of points if the due date passes before you submit it.

    Please ask questions if you have any. Send me a note to the Eddress below.