-Software and Book for VB-

This page is for the CS113 Visual BASIC course. If you are in the CS110 HTML Class use this page

The Visual BASIC software is already installed on most CCSU computers. You can also find it at the school sponsored web site along with a lot of other neat stuff.
Mac Users Be Aware

Caution: Depending on the version of software on your home system, you might create projects that do not work on campus. It is your responsibility to verify compatibility by opening a home made project on the school system. If it fails, I will not be able to evaluate your work and either you need to find the correct software or you have to use a campus computer to do your work.


The book for the course is

  • “Visual BASIC 2012”
  • “An introduction to Programming.”
    (which will contain a CD that you do not need for this course.)
  • Schneider
  • ISBN:9780133378504

and you can spend $189 to purchase it in the CCSU bookstore.

or spend between $5 down to 1c to purchase the previous version on line.

  • “Visual BASIC 2010”
  • “An introduction to Programming.”
    (which may contain a CD that you do not need for this course.)
  • Schneider
  • ISBN:9780132128568

Either one is acceptable for my course. Used books may or may not contain the CD but it is not needed for this course. Order it early because if it comes in late, wrong book is sent, pages missing, etc then there will be no leniency for late work. All due dates are due dates and no late work is accepted.

There are E-Books available but students report that they are not very easy to use even though they are considerably cheaper than purchasing it as new.

A book is required but you do not have to bring it to class.

BE AWARE: This choice of book pertains ONLY for my courses. It is not an option held throughout the department. Other instructors may require the book as offered by the bookstore.