-Lecture and Project Supplements-

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Mini Tools: (Entries that are not linked are under construction)

  • Camel Code
  • Leaving Comments and commenting out code
  • Objects: Creating/Programming there of
  • Sub Routines
  • Calling a Sub Routine
  • Passing To Sub . This will show you how to send/retrieve information to/from a subroutine.
  • The If-Then Statement: Single and Multi line
  • The If-Then-Else Statement:
  • The Do-While and Do-Until Loop:
  • The For-Next Loop:
  • Simple Timer . See how timers work.
  • Read/Write File. This program shows you how to send/retrieve data to/from a file. This is useful when you want to save settings or values before stopping a program and being to retrieve them when the program is opened again.
  • Multiple Forms Exploratory . Use this file to see how to have more than one form on your project. This code will pass a value to and from a second form and change the visibility of the exit button on the top form from the SecondForm.
  • ListBox Exploratory 2012 . With this program, you can see many actions that can apply to a list box. Add item, remove an item, search for an item, count them, sort them, search for them. It also explores the format statement to write a line of information to a list box.
  • ProgressBar. Use a progress bar and see how it looks. If you have ever downloaded a large file you have seen a progress bar. Now you can have one in your program.
  • Random Choosing . An example of using random numbers.
  • Random Suits . Another example of using random numbers.

Other Zip Files

  • Alternate Project.
  • Debate Counter. Demonstrates a count down timer and the use of colors.
  • Dynamic Buttons / Control Array. This is an exploratory and code to develop a program that works without your needing to create objects on the form. Objects get generated in the code. It also shows how to use objects in an a array.
  • Peg Game. Here is an example of the populate gave written in Visual BASIC and demonstrates how to use an array of objects.
  • Speeding Ticket . Another game only it is interactive this time.
  • Timer Color Fader. An exploration is dissolving colors and the use of timers.
  • VB Programs from Pearson. These are the sample programs that the authors of the book have to offer. They directly parallel with the book.