Every program submission is to have an updated journal. This is a MS Word Document that will be placed into your outer folder, with the SLN file, for each project. Resubmitted projects are to include discussion on what was changed. Additions to this file are to be at the top with the older information at the bottom. Entries are to be separated with a line across the page. Include the message (only) of any e-mail message I send you on the topic. It is best to develop the new entry for this file as you work your project.

Dnt us txtspk as I wont rd it….

You are to enter information telling me what you updated from the previous project. This helps me so I can look only for what you tell me rather than evaluating the entire project. Hence, therefore ergo, I will only evaluate your project with reference to what you tell me to evaluate for the new version.

Enter questions, ideas of what you plan to do, and question anything I claim is incorrect. Give me justification for what you did if you want.

Late projects will not be accepted. Even 3 seconds late is late.