-Download the VB Program-

You can get a copy of the program by presenting a Memory Stick to the secretary in the Computer Science office rm MS 303. She will copy it for you. Opent he stick and look for the install program.


Copy, into a browser, the following URL to capture the VB-D1.zip file from my FTP site.
This part will take about 45 minutes.

When it is finished downloading, then you should see a popup window showing the nasme of the file. Right click and select “Show File Location” From there, double click on the file top see the VBProgram folder. Copy and paste that folder to a folder on your computer.
This part will take about 30 minutes to complete.

From here, double click on VBProgram folder and open it to see the VB program files. Double-click on “Setup.hta” file to start the installation. Read the options and install VB.
This part will take about 25 minutes.

Then Again, you can shop around the internet for versions of VB but be sure if it is not compitable with the version used in school then you are on your own.