-Class Timer…-

This is a program that will demonstrate time as is Wasted time or Learning time by a toggle. There are 6 displays showing Seconds, Minutes, and Hours each for Learning Time and Wasted Time.

Scenario:  Picture a middle school class and the teacher starts the timer when the students start arriving. When the class settles down, the instructor toggles the timer to learning time.  In the event that the class gets out of hand, then the instructor toggles the timer back to wasted time. If class is generally running well and a sharp intrusion happens then the instructor can hit the penalty button to increment wasted time by 1 minute. The first click on the start button should run wasted time. The second click should toggle to Learning time. Minutes and seconds are to show leading zero while hours do not.

Suggested objects:

9 (txt) text boxes Seconds, Minutes, Hours each for Learning time, Wasted time, and lapsed time.
4 (lbl) labels: Learning time, Wasted Time, Lapsed time.
3 (btn) buttons Start, Penalty, and Exit

This is an exercise in manipulating numbers, not in timer design.  Therefore, “DateDiff” and other simplified functions are not applicable.  However, after designing the assigned project, you may earn extra credit demonstrating the simpler ways to do the same thing.

Extra Credit: Visual effect for penalty and when wasted time is running. Instead of time lapsed, show time remaining.