-Color Generator…-

Partial code will be handed out.
Your task is to figure out the missing code.
You should create a form using the following objects:

3 (txt) Text boxes: Shows the numerical value of each color’s saturation.
3 (hsb) horizontal and/or 3 (vsb) vertical slide bars: adds to subtracts saturation.
1 (lbl) Label: Identified the program.
3 (pic)Picture Boxes: Shows a visual representation of each color as it changes.
6 (btn) Buttons: change color saturation. red +1, red -1, Blue +1, Blue -1 Green +1, Green -1
1 (btn) exit button.

Create the form with the objects suggested.  Identify each object’s name by matching the three letter prefix indicated in the list with those found in the code. Identify the missing lines of code from the other lines of code in the list.You may use the form back color to show the mix of colors.

NOTE: You may redesign this any way you like as long as the code I give you is in use.
I reserved the right to withhold grade if you find an far simpler way to do this project. However, I will give you credit for your ingenuity if you turn in a second project with different code.

Lesson Plan