Every class period during the first half of the course carries a homework assignment to be completed before the class period. This entails:

1) Checking into Moodle and reading the assigned section(s) of the chapter,
2) Working out the assigned tasks,
3) Submit the work into Moodle and verify it.
4) If listed, do the assigned Worksheet.

You should do the home work as soon as you can. Should you look back and see something to change, you can do so by resubmitting your work. Each homework assignment should take between 60 to 90 minutes/week.

Hand in your work early and often. Anytime you stop working, submit it. This way, you can avoid losing all points should you miss the deadline.

The explanation of required file name structure and revisions for any Moodle submission can be found here and here.

DO NOT hand in anything other than the specific assignment indicated. If you do, I will ignore that you entered anything. IE: Trying to hand in back, passed due, assignments will cost you points.

Homework due dates are valid even if class has been cancelled including snow days and holidays. They are due at the time/date intended even if Moodle settings are incorrect.

Late homework, including projects will not be accepted even if it is only 5 seconds late. If you hand in work and do not verify it, it is your loss. NEVER send it as an e-mail attachment. My software will delete it automatically and usually without a trace.

You can always verify what you have submitted into Moodle. Do this by closing Moodle, reopen Moodle, and copy/paste your submission back to your desk top. Open the file to see if it is what you wanted to submit. It is your responsibility to do this. It is why I strongly suggest to hand in work early and often. You may ask for a review of your work before the deadline providing you send me an e-mail message letting me know it is there. If time permits, I may be able to check your work. Late in the term or within 24 hours of the due date/time, maybe not.

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