-Projects >>>-

Your project will not be evaluated unless:

1) All objects are properly named (No default names)
2) Fonts are not default size or style.
3) Colors are chosen and pleasing to the eye.
4) It contains no build errors.
5) Any aspect that is not working must be explained what it is supposed to do.
6) All lines of code that you write, are to be commented.
7) You include the graded.doc that discusses what your project does and does not do.
8) Ghost subroutines are removed.


A) Resubmitted projects MUST contain a list of changes.
B) Copy/Paste your code to a DOCx file. Submit it in the folder containing the SLN file.
C) Late projects will lose one letter grade per day late.

Additional requirements maybe included in each assignment and will be noted as such.